Overall Best Rated Headphones for Runners and Sports

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Need a great pair of comfortable and affordable running headphones? Check out inside… Just scroll inside to see everything and YES! You CAN click the pictures! Go here: http://flip.it/5hdjT


Go Buckeyes! Great selection of Ohio State coolers, insulated bags, lunch coolers, beverage coolers and more. See it all here: http://flip.it/SzYSs

Outdoor Pizza Oven Reviews and Deals – Flipboard

Some really great outdoor pizza ovens we’ve found. GREAT DEALS, sales prices and more for when you are ready to buy an outdoor pizza oven – See it here: http://flip.it/qfx7Q

Indoor Herb Garden Kits Best Growing Kits – Flipboard

Our picks for the best indoor herb garden kits and growing kits – with lights, for kids, and more. Great selection and deals here: http://flip.it/sw08v

Deals and Sales on Kork Ease Boots

Helpful page if you love Kork-Ease boots as much as I do! http://outintherealworld.com/kork-ease-boots-sale-price-tracking/

Party Pong Tables Pink Zebra Folding And Portable Beer Pong Table

Now I’ve seen it all – a pink and black zebra-print beer pong table! Awesome!

Now THAT is a Trash Can!

I have a single automatic trashcan, but this double one is really cool!

My Online Shopping Tracker (shhhh… it’s a secret!)

I promised I’d make this site so…. here it is – the easiest way to find and compare products and prices from stores all over the internet. Y’all asked me how I found such great deals online and like I told everyone, this is it. Trust me, this is MUCH easier than going to each site – and much better than missing out on a great deal because you didn’t take the time to shop around. The site is here: http://outintherealworld.com/ #shopping

Need Pet Supplies?

This is a great site to find deals and compare prices on all pet supplies from thousands of stores all over the internet. Really helpful! http://1-800veterinarians.com/products/ #pets

Best-Rated Heated Mattress Pads Reviews and Deals – Flipboard

Ohhh, I LOVE the fleece heated mattress pad inside this buying guide: http://flip.it/BxGq8 That looks super warm and cozy. I might never get out of bed…lol!

What a Cute Gift Idea for a Golfer!

This golfer gift basket is stinkin’ adorable! What a nice gift it would make!

LOVE This BackPack Diaper Bag!

I’m a much bigger fan of using a backpack as a diaper bag than a “normal” diaper bag…and wow, I just fell in love with this one!

Interesting Coffee Trivia Fact

Did you know… Beethoven, who was a coffee lover, was so particular about his coffee that he always counted 60 beans each cup when he prepared his brew? Learned that here: http://officialsiteguides.com/ Pretty interesting!

FITBIT ◉◉ Best Prices and Deals Online Today ◉◉ Prime Purchase ReviewsPrime Purchase Reviews

I was searching around today trying to choose between all the different FITBIT products and came across this site that has an AWESOME deal finder search tool – http://primepurchasereviews.com/products/query/FITBIT/ – It shows all the online stores that sell what you’re looking for and shows the prices so you can compare. Very handy!

iBuyPower Gaming Gamer Computer Reviews and Ratings – Flipboard

2014 iBuyPower Reviews: Best iBuyPower computers – PC and laptop reviews and ratings. Best prices and more on iBuyPower gamer computers. See the guide here: http://flip.it/P6KXm