Top 10 Blenders 2015

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Ready for an awesome new blender? Sure are a lot of choices. This web page breaks it down into the Top 10 best-rated kitchen blenders as rated and reviewed by consumers. See the Top 10 Blenders for 2015 here:

Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews on Flipboard

Before you drop a couple hundred bucks on a new vacuum cleaner, check out this buying guide to see which is the best vacuum cleaner in 2015.

How To Get a Bigger Butt Naturally and FAST – Ready for a bigger better booty? If so, check out this webpage and flip through all the ways to get a bigger butt! These are the things THOUSANDS of people are using as butt enhancements. Check it out here:

Wicker Patio Furniture ATLANTA GEORGIA – Flipboard – LOVE this wicker patio furniture! Great deals for those in the Atlanta GA area… many with free shipping too (love things brought TO me!) White wicker, resin wicker, tables, rockers, daybeds, couches, wicker patio swings, patio sets and dining sets… all great deals and sale prices. See it all here:

Best Masticating Juicer For The MONEY – Flipboard

Some great deals and sales on these top-rated masticating juicers. Found one really popular brand in this little online magazine that was 70% off AND with free shipping! What a deal! See all their picks for best masticating juicer deals here:

Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture FLORIDA – Flipboard

Found some great deals on outdoor wicker patio furniture in this little online magazine (you just flip through it with your mouse or slide on your phone). I love the pictures; they really give me great ideas for furniture for my Florida house. Best part, LOTS of these furniture items are on sale and/or have FREE SHIPPING. Heck if I want to GO to a local Florida store when I can have it all brought TO me for FREE! See the magazine online here:

Overall Best Rated Headphones for Runners and Sports

Need a great pair of comfortable and affordable running headphones? Check out inside… Just scroll inside to see everything and YES! You CAN click the pictures! Go here:


Go Buckeyes! Great selection of Ohio State coolers, insulated bags, lunch coolers, beverage coolers and more. See it all here:

Outdoor Pizza Oven Reviews and Deals – Flipboard

Some really great outdoor pizza ovens we’ve found. GREAT DEALS, sales prices and more for when you are ready to buy an outdoor pizza oven – See it here:

Indoor Herb Garden Kits Best Growing Kits – Flipboard

Our picks for the best indoor herb garden kits and growing kits – with lights, for kids, and more. Great selection and deals here:

Deals and Sales on Kork Ease Boots

Helpful page if you love Kork-Ease boots as much as I do!

Party Pong Tables Pink Zebra Folding And Portable Beer Pong Table

Now I’ve seen it all – a pink and black zebra-print beer pong table! Awesome!

Now THAT is a Trash Can!

I have a single automatic trashcan, but this double one is really cool!

My Online Shopping Tracker (shhhh… it’s a secret!)

I promised I’d make this site so…. here it is – the easiest way to find and compare products and prices from stores all over the internet. Y’all asked me how I found such great deals online and like I told everyone, this is it. Trust me, this is MUCH easier than going to each site – and much better than missing out on a great deal because you didn’t take the time to shop around. The site is here: #shopping

Need Pet Supplies?

This is a great site to find deals and compare prices on all pet supplies from thousands of stores all over the internet. Really helpful! #pets